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Gemma-Louise Kaye | The Artisan Priestess

"No soul hungry. No soul homeless. No soul lacking light or love. No soul lonely. No soul left behind."

Gemma-Louise Kaye (Gem) is a self-confessed psychology nut, "inner world alchemist", spiritual coach, counsellor and professional actress, presenter and voice artist who offers pragmatic, transformational, psycho-spiritual, high performance coaching to upgrade leadership, business and life performance gracefully in a modern world.


Gem believes the "no pain, no gain" approach to high performance is B.S. It leads to burnout, bullying, lost potential and loneliness for all involved. "No pain, no gain" is not the answer. If anyone tells you that it is... run away as fast as possible. Instead, Gem mentors clients in her personal approach to "the artistry of the impossible".


Gem teachers her clients how to tap into the power of their personal soul energy and co-create with spirit to create graceful high performance. Gem's clients experience an unleashing of energy and magic in their every day living, as well unexpected breathtaking results.


Gem is passionate about heart-centred, high EQ, highly empathic leaders stepping into their fullest soul-aligned brilliance so that we have deeply caring leaders at the helm of all serious industries and businesses... leaders who can create the systemic cultural change that is crucial to solve some of the worlds biggest problems.


Gem believes the transformation of our world will depend on ALL of us.

Gem has coached clients across a diverse client base from CEO's, to elite sportspeople, medical professionals, to entrepreneurs, to the ex-Police, to celebrities, actors and artists. Early on in her career Gem also worked with people with disabilities and mental health conditions. Gem is a survivor of Complex PTSD herself... and she knows from personal experience that trauma doesn't have to stop you from creating high performance!


Gem also helps leaders to up-level their "star quality" from a place of deep personal and spiritual alignment, utilising her 20 years of experience as a performer and artist to offer a unique perspective. Gem was formerly the "voice of" the Foxtel Channel "Nat Geo People", one of the National Geographic Channels in Australia/NZ. She has also worked on voiceover campaigns for national and international brands like Johnson & Johnson, Expedia, McDonalds, Toyota, Weight Watchers, Commonwealth Bank, Westfield Shopping Centre, Nova 969, Radio 2GB & 2CH... and more.

Leaders who are looking for something a little bit different turn to Gem for her deep insight and "inner world alchemy". Gem is the best in the world at getting high-performers unstuck and in the flow of their deepest inspiration.

If you are a leader who is tired of the same old, same old, hustle mentality...


If you are ready to LEAD with SOUL...


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